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The Missing Key

I feel I have a prophetic word for somebody today, the Lord just spoke to me and felt like I had to share. Several weeks ago I lost the spare key to my car and couldn’t find it anywhere. That car is being sold today and the new owner insisted on having the spare key. Faced...
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The Gift

Imagine today I gave you a book as a gift. You did not write it, you were not responsible for its contents. You did not print it. You did not put it together. You did not design the cover. You did not edit it. In fact you had nothing at all to do with the production of that book...
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All Is Miracle

The religious spirit of fear and control say “it’s not all about miracles” in order to try and preserve a sense of balance and control. The child of God who has had their eyes open to the beauty and majesty of their Creator says “everything is...
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