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TheUpperRoomThe Upper Room
In the Bible, incredible supernatural things took place in upper rooms. It was in an upper room that the dead were raised, it was an upper room that Jesus had communion with his disciples, it was in an upper room that one of God’s enemies was killed, it was in an upper room that the Holy Spirit was poured out. This challenging message asks the question: do you have an upper room in your life?




HeGoesBeforeYouHe Goes Before You
The book of Exodus tells us that God went ahead of His people in a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. Throughout the scriptures God is always pictured as going ahead of those who belong to Him. Be encouraged today, that wherever you are going, He has already been there. If you are about to enter into a new season, then this message is for you!




ConfidenceInPrayerConfidence In Prayer
Prayer is one of those things that all Christians know they should do, but many struggle with. Most Christians desire to take their prayer life to another level. In this powerful teaching, Andrew Murray teaches on why we can prayer with confidence and assurance. Let your faith soar, as we look at the relationship God has brought us into and how that effects our prayer life and our ability to access God’s throne room.




TheBloodCovenantThe Blood Covenant
When Jesus shed His blood on the cross it was about much more than forgiveness and salvation. When Jesus shed His blood, He entered into a covenant with you. Using the life of Abraham as an example, Andrew Murray teaches on what a blood covenant is and what is the covenant that Christ has made with His Church. This is an inspiring message, that will inspire you to receive all that God has for you today.




BeastsAndAngelsIn The Midst Of Beasts And Angels
Do you ever feel like you are in a wilderness? Do you ever feel like you are going through a time of testing, of hardship, of difficulity? Well, there is good news! Jesus went through the exact same thing! But the wilderness experience, didn’t destroy Jesus, instead He came out of it, with a new anointing and in a new dimension of the Spirit’s power. Learn how you can do the same!




PowerInTheNameOfJesusPower In The Name Of Jesus
The Bible tells us that because of the victory that Jesus won on the cross, He has been given the Name that is above every other name! There is power in the name of Jesus to save, heal and to deliver. If you are sick, in need of breakthrough or answer to prayer, then this inspirational message will allow your faith levels to soar as we look at the power that there is in the mighty name of Jesus! If you have unsaved family or friends, then this message will also make an excellant evangelistic tool.



BarrenWomanIt’s Not Over ‘Till The Barren Woman Sings

God’s plan for His Church is that we bear much fruit. But sometimes in our lives and churches we can go through times of barrenness. In the Bible there were seven barren woman who God made fruitful. Looking at each of these women, we look at how God turns our barrenness into fruitfulness.




GodsTimingGod’s Timing

God’s timing can often seem mysterious. Sometimes it appears as though He is too late. Sometimes it can appear He is too early. But Jesus always comes on time. Be encouraged to know that all our times, years and seasons are in His hands.





Seeing Jesus

This powerful message will help us to have a fresh revelation of the Jesus who is crucified, resurrected and glorified. We have had amazing testimonies of people who have played this message to unsaved loves ones and saw them come to Christ. A great evangelistic tool as well as faith booster for all.




onemorenightwiththefrogsOne More Night With The Frogs

In the book of Exodus, Egypt was plagued by frogs. When Moses told Pharaoh he had the honour of setting the time when the plague ended, he said “tomorrow”. Why didn’t he say “today?” Why did he live one more night with the frogs? In this powerful message, we look at why you don’t need to live one more night with the things tormenting you! You can receive breakthrough today



thethresholdThe Threshold

When you leave one room and enter another there is always a moment when you cross over the threshold, the diving line between places. In our walk with God, He is constantly calling us to step into new realms of destiny and purpose. In order to do that, there has to be a “crossing over the threshold” moment in our lives




watertowineWater Into Wine

Jesus’ first miracle was the turning of water into wine. The Bible tells us that it was through this miracle that He revealed His glory. Today Jesus still wants to reveal His glory, through our lives and churches. How? We look at this miracle and see how through a simple act of outpouring, Jesus releases His glory in and through u