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15179096_10157902220975374_2952108349381545895_nIn October 2016 I went on a two week mission to the nation of Argentina. This was my third visit to this beautiful country and was our most powerful trip yet. There were a team of 12 of us including people from the UK, USA and two translators.

Our first stop was the tiny village of Chancani. This town which means “end of the road” is literally in the middle of nowhere and has a population of only 500. It is a place which is very special to me as on each of my visits we have seen God do something extraordinary. This time God really blew us away as we saw around 100 people give their lives to Jesus in one night (a huge figure for this town). 15178302_10157902220510374_3816105147223969637_nWe saw many children and young people impacted by the power of God. At the end of the service four teenage boys came up to me who had been watching from a distance. “Can we have the same touch everyone else was getting?” they asked. I led them to Jesus in the street and as we laid hands on them the power of God touched them. The following morning we gathered in the church building where people were healed and baptised in the Holy Spirit. Since we left we have heard reports that the church is now filled to capacity and a fledgling youth work has begun led by our first converts in this town from 2012! What a mighty God we serve!

From there we travelled to Villa Dolores where we were with our wonderful friend Pastor Omar Francia. On Thursday I spoke in the town of Mirlo and then on the Friday I spoke in Omar’s church. We saw such joy and freedom in both services and God really touched people. God has given us great favour in Villa Dolores and I spoke on several radio and TV shows (secular and religious). Even on the secular stations I was able to share the gospel. On one Christian radio show discussion turned to the Holy Spirit and God’s manifest presence began to fill the studio with the presenter being deeply impacted. People began texting in saying that they felt God’s fire in their homes as they were listening.

15241922_10157902331230374_2600549901753063965_nSaturday night we held the first of two planned open air crusades in the Greek theatre. The atmosphere was very unusual as probably as many as 75% of those in attendance were totally unsaved. As I preached the gospel we saw hundreds of people give their lives to Jesus! Glory to God!

The second night was certainly a night to remember! As we gathered to leave for the crusade black clouds gathered overhead and it seemed like rain was inevitable. Knowing that that would mean we would have to cancel the crusade we began to pray that the skies would clear. Feeling a prompting in our spirits several of the team felt that actually the rain was a sign from God that he was bringing refreshing and not an attack of the devil and so we began to worship instead. Sure enough the rains came down heavy and instead of an evangelistic crusade, the Church of the town gathered in an indoor auditorium to hear a Word from God. God told me to speak on “dancing” and what followed was a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Villa Dolores means “House of Pain” and is a town that always felt sad whenever I have visited. There is a high suicide rate especially among young people. As God touched people’s hearts the place exploded with joy and freedom as the Church danced in the rain and God truly brought renewal and refreshing to His people. Afterwards waves of fire swept over people, as people fell under the power of God with no one touching them. The glory of God was truly poured out and we believe God began a work of revival that night.

Before we left Villa Dolores it was wonderful to pray with the owner of the hotel we had been staying in and in tears he received Jesus as His Saviour followed by his daughter and a couple of members of staff!

15253570_10157902255815374_8689544384985207633_nMoving on to the town of Mina Clavero we spoke for two nights in the same venue as I preached in in 2012 and 2015. It was great to meet several people who gave their lives to Jesus in these meetings. The first night we saw many salvations as well as people baptised in the Holy Spirit. The people were so open and hungry. The second night I preached on healing and many gave testimony that God had healed them including a man who had hobbled in on crutches who was able to walk unaided after prayer.

We then returned to the city of Cordoba for the rest of the trip where I preached in two small churches as well as the church led by the leader of the Assemblies of God in that region. God’s glory really fell in that church and I believe God really brought renewal to a church that had once known revival in the past. On the Saturday night I spoke at Agape Church, which has grown from a modest church of a couple of hundred when I visited in 2012 to a huge mega church of 2,500 today! We always have a great response at Agape and again we saw hundreds give their lives to 15181341_10157902221025374_134322028093078927_nthe Lord and many more encounter the Holy Spirit. I also met a girl who was blind when I prayed for her last year but God restored her sight. 18 months later she is still healed praise God. On the Sunday morning I spoke at a large Assemblies of God church and again we saw a great response to God’s Word.

The final night was in Carlos Paz where a young man gave his testimony before I spoke. Jorgi was schizophrenic and diagnosed as 95% insane. He was so violent that his family would often chain him to his bed to stop him hurting himself and others. In March 2015 he was wandering the streets of Carlos Paz when he saw a poster with my face on it. He was drawn to come to the meeting I was doing and that night I laid hands on him. As I did, “something” left him. 18 months later he is totally healed, restored and set free and is now a leader in the church! What a mighty God we serve!

We thank God for all He did on this trip and already are praying about returning in October 2017.

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